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“It All Comes Back To You”
completed on 11.26.13

you were swept away
i kept my tears at bay
i thought i’d live a life without you
but that was so untrue

i never grasped the darkness
thought i had found the light
looked at life as if i knew
but it all comes back to you

i didn’t want to cry
i didn’t think i’d have to try
didn’t want to face the truth
you’d only be there in my youth

it’s like the cut of a knife
i taste the brevity of life
it’s a mountain i can’t quite climb
to give her a little more time

i’ve felt the darkness in a sunrise
drank from a glass half empty
surrounded by beautiful things
while i still wait for spring

i miss you with all my might
left without much light
there has to be a silver lining
to make my life defining

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